EL460- 35mm Handle Controlled Solenoid Lock Case for Solid Doors - Narrow Style

Product code: EL460-35mm

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For us in business premises, public buildings, hospitals and schools with medium to high traffic exit doors or medium to high traffic fire rated doors. For use on Wooden and Metal doors.

Handles on both sides of the door are electrically controlled by the access control system. Monitored, field changable fail secure / fail safe. 

Also available: EL560 where outside handle only is electrically controlled; inside handle opens the door at all times 

Please Note: Not suitable for use with door automatics 


  • Non-handed 
  • Easily reversible trigger bolt, suitable for all hands of door 
  • Quick change fail locked to fail unlocked 
  • Deadbolt and anti-friction bolt deadlock when door closes Inside handle operates at all times 
  • Meets EN179 and EN1125 (EL560 only) for emergency and panic exit doors and EN 1634-1 for fire resistance (when used with correct exit hardware) 
  • Tested to draft standards for burglary prEN1627 and mechanical resistance prEN12209-1 
  • EL460 - Outside handle operates when engaged by solenoid 
  • Key override at all times 
  • Request to exit (RQE) on inside handle 
  • Bolt position and cylinder operation

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