EL418- 30mm Motor Lock Case for Solid Doors - Narrow Style

Product code: EL418-30mm

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ABLOY┬« CERTA Motor locks are used in doors requiring: 

  • Convenience (push / pull function) 
  • Security (no handles outside) 
  • High durability (high traffic doors) 

ABLOY® CERTA motor lock has two deadlocking bolts: a double action bolt and a dead bolt. The dead bolt is withdrawn inside the lock case by motor and the double action bolt is released, when electrical control is on.

A pull outside, inside handle or handle and pull: door can be opened by pushing or pulling when the electrical control is on (e.g. timer, reader, push button).  Inside handle opens the lock always. 

The EL518 is available in 60, 65 and EL418 for 30 mm backset.

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