EL532- 65mm High Security Electric Motor Lock

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The Abloy EL532 High Security Electric Motor Lock is designed for solid doors. Motor locks are best suited in high traffic doors which require two way access control (where door opening must be authorised from both sides).. The locks can be electrically controlled by access control system or by a remote control system such as timer, keypad or push button. The locks can be used in exit doors (EN). 

This is a specially designed lock for maximum/ high security doors and other critical entrances that require optimal mechanical strength is ideal for use in the exterior doors of banks, power plants, museums and other high security sites. 

Suitable for use in fire rated doors and can be used in conjunction with door automatics. 

This high security version of the lock is equipped with a high security handle set which increases the security level ten fold. The door is opened by handle when the electronic control is on (e.g timer, reader, push button). The inside handle opens the lock in case of fire or power failure.

Also available - EL432 High Security Electric Motor Lock for narrow profile doors.

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