MP520 Multipoint Motor Lock

Product code: MP520-65mm-1760m

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The Abloy MP520 NEW CERTA Multipoint lock with full monitoring. Motor locks are best suited in high traffic doors of public buildings, business premises, hospitals, educational premises, shopping centres and sports stadiums. This Abloy multipoint lock is ideal for fire rated doors, entrance doors, exit doors, corridor doors, doors that require access control and doors with automatics. 

A pull outside, inside handle or handle and pull: the door can be opened by pushing or pulling when the electrical control is on (for example timer, reader, push/exit button etc). The inside handle always opens the lock. 

This Abloy Multipoint lock consists of the main central lock which is a single point motor lock and two auxillary lock cases with hook bolts. The main lock operates the auxilary locks so all three locks are operated simultaneously

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