Hikvision Fever Detection 6mm Lens

Product code: DS-2TD2617B-6/PA

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Product Description:

This Camera Supports AI Human body detection, It can track simultaneously track multiple targets.
 The series supports an audio alarm, built-in speaker The device has a built-in audio alarm that activates when it detects abnormal body temperatures "Please recheck body temperature"

For easy/quick control, we advise the use of a support tripod with easy installation. This can be found by searching the product code " DS-2907ZJ "

Product Spec

    Thermal:160 × 120;
    Lens: 6mm;
    Optical:2688 × 1520;
    Lens: 8mm;
    Video mode:Bi-spectrum image fusion;
    Working temperature:10~35

Install Requirments:

Installation height:1.5m
Face distance:1.5m

Recommended Accessories:

Integrated wire hiding box:DS-1260ZJ:302700239
Wall corner bracket:DS-1276ZJ-SUS:302701678
Pole mounted:DS-2904ZJ :302701930

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